This episode of The Knit Show with Vickie Howell is our ode to color — intermediate stitch techniques, a look at different types of dyed fibers, and a project that shows off beautifully water-colored yarn!

*For questions about any of the projects on this episode, please contact the guests directly via social media.

In the Studio

1st Guest: Taiu Landra, Owner of KOIGU

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We’re in the studio with the Taiu Landra, owner of Kiogu a yarn company known for its color techniques. Taiu shows us 3 of her most popular yarns, shares how different elements can affect the end result of her dye design, and teaches how to make a triangle shawl, from the top-center-out, while playing with the watercolor effect of combining several colorways of Koigu’s Othello yarn.

Make it: Painter’s Palette Triangle Scarf

Painter’s Palette Triangle Scarf


2nd Guest: Designer, Andrea Mowry

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Andrea is know for her use of color, whether it be for her hugely popular Your So Faded series of designs or her stunning use of bi-color brioche stitch. The latter is the focus of her time with us and she demonstrates, through a series of swatches, how to work the stitch pattern in (in both English and Continental methods) and fix those dreaded mistakes!


Make it: Brioche Swatches

Brioche Swatches

More from Andrea:


Field Trip!

Knit Fit on The Knit Show with Vickie Howell

Knit Fit with Personal Trainer, Britny Fowler

After long periods of time, knitting and crochet can be hard on our bodies. We leave the studio for a break with Personal Trainer, Britny Fowler who shows us a few exercises to keep our cores strong so less stress is put on our backs during power sessions of sitting and stitching!

Vic's Tips

Bargello Stitch and Zing Needles on The Knit Show

We end the episode with a Vic’s Tip showcasing the Bargello Stitch pattern (from Vogue’s Stitchionary: Volume Three), a great, up-the-ante color alternative to plain ol’ stripes! 

Get the Bargello Stitch Pattern

Brought to you by Knitter’s Pride/KnitPro.

Needles used in this tip: Zing Single Pointed Needles

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