On this episode of The Knit Show with Vickie Howell we bow down to big knits — chunky, quick-to-make projects knit in the most decadent of bulky yarns.

*For questions about any of the projects on this episode, please contact the guests directly via social media.

In the Studio

1st Guest: Oejong Kim

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We’re in the studio with Oejong Kim, one half of the dynamic duo that owns the hottest, large-scale focused yarn company in the market, Loopy Mango. Oejong shares the story of how a Korean and Russian-born pair met in New York and launched their dream project together. She also shows how to knit the graphic stitch pattern used to make the Aster Flower Scarf.

Make it: Aster Flower Scarf

Aster Flower Scarf

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2nd Guest: Michele Muska, Boye Needles

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Michele takes us through the unique construction of designer Heidi Gustad’s, Volcano Hat and caps off the segment with a demo of the Boye Pom Pom Tassel Maker.


Make it: Volcano Hat

Volcano Hat

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Field Trip!

Skacel on The Knit Show with Vickie Howell

Our studio break takes us on a field trip to the Seattle, Washington area to visit the headquarters of high-end needle, yarn and notions wholesaler, Skacel. We visit the warehouse, check out their latest products, and meet founder Ingrid Skacel and her CEO daughter, Karin Skacel who share what it’s like to run a company in an industry ironically dominated by male figureheads.

Vic's Tips

Knitter's Pride Yarn Needle on The Knit Show

We end the episode with a Vic’s Tip on ways to successfully weave in ends in bulky, big knit and crochet projects.

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