On this episode of The Knit Show with Vickie Howell we celebrate our global community by focusing on yarns, techniques, and designers from around the world.

*For questions about any of the projects on this episode, please contact the guests directly via social media.

In the Studio

1st Guest: Amy Small, Owner of Knit Collage

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Amy tells us about the co-op of women in India who help produce her yarns, as well as her efforts to support women in the region. After taking a mini-tour of some of her gorgeous yarns, we put them into action by learning the slip stitch pattern used to make the Happy Trails Scarf.

Make it: Happy Trails Scarf

Happy Trails Scarf

More from Knit Collage:

2nd Guest: Designer, Paula Peirera

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We’re back in the studio with Brazilian Designer, Paula Peirera who tells us about the state of the craft in Brazil, and what it’s like to design for American publications from abroad. Then, she shows us how to knit some of the professional-looking details on her Dumela Pullover.


Make it: Dumela Pullover

Dumela Pullover

Field Trip!

June Cashmere on The Knit Show with Vickie Howell

Our field trip takes us all the way across the globe to Central Asia where Content Producer, Karin Strom visits with shepherds in Kyrgyzstan to see how luxurious June Cashmere is produced.

Vic's Tips

The Knit Show: Indian Cast-On
Vickie shows how in India, the big toe is a crucial part of their traditional method of casting yarn onto needles!

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